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Piles Specialist near me

Piles Specialist near me


Why choose Sai Sushrut Ano-rectal Clinic?

Piles, also known as Haemorrhoids can be an excruciatingly painful phenomenon, the occurrence of which can happen due to events like: lifting heavy weights, straining during faecal excretion, and the like. It can go undiagnosed for a long time before one realises that the symptoms which seem like indigestion and an anal injury due to tissue rupture is actually because of Haemorrhoids. Therefore, one must seek help of a medical practitioner, a piles specialist, before reaching to any conclusions, as soon as you experience any of the following symptoms.Some of these symptoms can look like:

  • Painful passage of stool
  • Bleeding along with faecal excretion
  • Irritation and pain in stool passage as an effect of foods and irritants like spices, oily and street
  • Prolonged discomfort (in sitting upright) after excretion

However, these symptoms can be a cause of and may point towards multiple other digestive issues. Therefore, getting examined for Piles from a Piles Specialist near you, is advised when facing these issues.To help you find relief from this painful irritability and internally damaging phenomenon, Dr. Madhukar Borse is here to help guide you.

About Dr. Madhukar Borse—Piles Specialist near you

Dr. Madhukar Borse is one of the most well-renowned names among the best Proctologists in Maharashtra, India. He has served thousands of patients in his career as a Piles Specialist, providing all kinds of solutions from medicinal relief and treatment to surgery and complete cure from Haemorrhoids.

Working as the head of Sai Sushrut Ano-rectal Clinic, he and his team are working towards creating an environment where patients feel valued and cared for, with an aim to provide cure for issues like Piles, relieving people of all of the pain that comes along with.

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